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Birthday Book Club Corner

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August & September

Ryan W - Dog Man For Whom the Ball Rolls
Ryker M - Stick Dog Takes Out Sushi
Zachary M - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Deep End
Abilene M - Princess Academy: Palace of Stone
Shelby Z - Brains! Not Just for Zombies


Ethan C - Attack of the Underwater Dragon
Evan H - Dog Man: Mothering Heights


Reese S - Super Sharks
Sabine M - The Smart Cookie
Dylan C - Weird but True: Dinosaurs
Liam S - Everything is Awesome
Zara D - Whatever After: Spill the Beans


Reid F - Felipe and Claudette
Kynlee P - Narwhal's School of Awesomeness
Evyn A - Horror in Florida
Madison Y - Maddie and Mabel


Emma S - Endling: The Last
Emanuel L - I'm Trying to Love Spiders


Samantha H - Atticus Caticus
Cohen A - Siberian Cats
Boaz M - Weirdo Even Weirder
Kaylee Y - Nightingale
Sam P - Bear Bottom


Scarlett B - Cat Problems
Sarah Y - Hot Dog
Tu H - The One Thing You'd Save
Emily Y - Pig the Tourist


Gia H - Doug Don't Hug
Evie P - Butterflies are Pretty Gross
Joshua Y - The Bad Guys in Cut to the Chase 
Ingrid E - Haunted Houses
Meredith H - Whatever After: Seeing Red
Cannon R - Billy Miller Makes a Wish


Fisher M - Super Hero School Jokes
Oliver C - Giraffe Problems
Tessa J - The House That Wasn't There
Charlotte H - Bear in the Family

June & July

Luke S - Endlessly Ever After
Abigail L - Persian Cats
Elise V - No Place for Monsters
Eva L - Whatever After: Two Peas in a Pod
Emilia A - Bug Scouts Out in the World

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