2020 Fall Fundraiser

We've extended the fundraiser to go through November 8th!

All orders placed on or before October 30th will be received by Thanksgiving!!!


  • 2020 PTO Online Fall Fundraiser

    1. All sales will occur online

    2. All orders will ship direct 

    3. All prizes will ship direct to student's homes

    4. Orders will arrive before Thanksgiving

WHEN: October 15-October 30


  • FOR STUDENTS (with parent assistance)

    1. Students register online at www.supportandgive.com and use school code 20035

    2. Students create a profile and receive their custom "seller ID number"

    3. Students can then share their page and ID with friends and family

    4. Students can log-in and check their seller status on the seller log-in page


    1. Access the online fundraising catalog here

      • Enter a student ​seller ID or contact Anna Taylor if you do not have a student ID but would like to place an order


WHY: To raise money so Wolfe PTO can continue doing amazing things for the students and staff at Wolfe Elementary! But also, PRIZES! Yes, prizes galore for student sellers and top classroom sales! 



Wolfe Elementary School

Parent Teacher Organization