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What do we do?

Our PTO helps Wolfe Elementary through volunteering and financial support for a number of activities at the school. These activities are designed to enhance our kids' normal curriculum with additional learning opportunities. We also organize events that build community for the Wolfe families. You are invited to join the PTO and be part of the effort to provide our students with the best place to learn and grow. Some of the activities we sponsor are:


Wolfe PTO also provides financial support for teachers and staff. Teachers play a key role in the success of our organization. We acknowledge the valuable work our teachers and staff do for our kids. Wolfe PTO supports several different activities such as:

  • Classroom and School Volunteering

  • Library Volunteering

  • PEAR Reading

  • Staff Development and Financial Support

  • Teacher Spend Accounts

  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheons/Teacher Appreciation Week


As parents, teachers, staff, and business partners, we do so many things that greatly impact the students at Wolfe. It takes all of us to promote such a strong and healthy environment at the school and give our teachers and staff the resources they need for our students.

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